"We help hardware companies launch embedded systems 10x faster by automating low-level programming."

About Metalware

Metalware is building copilot for the 1.5 million firmware developers around the world. We help hardware companies bring up embedded systems 10x faster by automating low-level programming.

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Metalware utilizes an intermediate representation (IR) derived from hardware manuals and engineering data. We combine this with small, specialized language models to slash significant time and complexity from embedded development.

Metalware helps you automate low-level tasks (e.g., header files), generate bare-metal or RTOS driver implementations, produce unit tests and documentation, search datasheets, and more.

From the Founders

Hi, we're Ryan and Andrew.

At SpaceX, we started the Starlink factory and wrote firmware that runs on >1 million user terminal antennas globally.

We've also worked at Amazon Robotics, Autodesk, and Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.

We started Metalware to build tools we wish we had.

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