Varda Space Industries

"Our mission is to expand the economic bounds of humankind."

An Orbital Manufacturing Platform that Delivers Products Back to Earth

We create game-changing products that defy gravity’s constraints on Earth. Using our spacecraft as a manufacturing platform in microgravity, we revolutionize the production process. And with our economical re-entry capsules, we not only bring these products back safely to Earth, but also pave the way to study and advance hypersonic systems.

The Time Is Now

Decades of research have shown the advantage of space-produced products, and recent advances have made getting to orbit affordable. Our mission is to expand the economic bounds of humankind, taking advantage of the unique environment of space to realize benefits on Earth.


Varda’s inaugural spacecraft will consist of three main components: a satellite bus, a payload module, and a reentry capsule. The operations are described below:

The Process

1. Launch

Varda production facilities are launched into orbit aboard commercial launch vehicles.

2. Manufacture

Once in orbit, the production facility begins operations.

3. Separate

Produced materials are then returned to Earth in Varda’s reentry vehicle.

4. Return

The reentry vehicle comes home to Earth at hypersonic speeds of greater than Mach 25, or 19,000 mph.

Our Story

Varda Space Industries was founded in 2020 with the goal of manufacturing products in space to benefit life on Earth. Co-founders Will Bruey and Delian Asparouhov imagined a world where space could be leveraged not only for storytelling and awe, but for its economic benefits. Varda was created as a platform for in-space manufacturing, with a range of real-life, on-Earth use cases. Today, we are accelerating innovation in space through our microgravity manufacturing platform, with applications including pharmaceuticals, hypersonic testing, and fiber optics.

Varda is headquartered in El Segundo, California


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